Classic Danish lunch since 1939

Since 1939, Teglkroen has served classic Danish lunch dishes in pleasant surroundings.
The restaurant is centrally located in Copenhagen and is well visited by many local customers.

In the first years, Teglkroen was a simple artisan inn, which over the years has also been a permanent refuge for local residents.
During the 1930s and 1940s, the licensed police closed many of these small pubs. But Teglkroen survived.

Today, there are still many locals and regulars in Teglkroen. But it is also a tourist attraction, for foreign guests who want to experience a classic Danish lunch.


beer & soda

Hancok draught beer32,-60,-
Luxury beer, bottled40,-
Ordinary lager beer, bottled34,-
soft drinks34,-



House wine, red and white54,-220,-


Spirits & Liqueurs

Cognac, ordinary48,-
Cognac, luxury68,-
Various liqueurs48,-
Ordinary spirits & Campari42,-



Aalborg Akvavit4cl1/1

Aalborg Taffel Akvavit

The classic cumine aquavit,
crystal clear and full of caracter.

Brøndums Snaps

With a slightly taste of cumine, very ideal for light dishes.

Aalborg Krone Akvavit

The very exotic golden aquavit for the more heavy dishes.

Aalborg Porse Snaps

Spiced with sweet gale(herb), developed for cheese.
Harald Jensen45,-689,-
O. P. Andersen45,-689,-
Linie Akvavit45,-689,-


Coffee & others

Irish Coffee (4cl)69,-
Tap water with ice20,-


Christmas lunch

From November 1th

Chistmas Menu

  • Teglkroen's home made Christmas pickled herring
  • Smoked eel with homemade scrambled eggs
  • Pan-fried fish fillet with homemade remoulade
  • Roast pork and duck with homemade red cabbage and pickled cucumber
  • Homemade Danish rice pudding with almonds with cherry sauce.
per persone

Book a table

Reservations can be made by phone or by stopping by during the lunch restaurant’s opening hours.

Phone +45 33 12 84 08

Private dinner parties and receptions can be arranged.
Call us for a special offer!

The history of Teglkroen

The name is known from 1563 at the earliest in the form “Thegelgaard strede”

“Teglkroen” translated means “The Brick inn”
And the street name means “Brick Street”

It is said that from the time of the Reformation there was a brickworks (a brick yard) with an associated clay grave near the street. In the neighborhood, both an old and a new brick yard are mentioned, but most recently around the year 1600, the brick production had moved. The building has housed a restaurant since 1939.

In its first year, Teglkroen was a simply furnished artisan inn, which over the years has also been a permanent refuge for local residents. Unlike other pubs from the 1930s and 1940s, the place survived undisturbed because Teglkroen’s stable clientele together with the tenant kept the local ladies of the Night out, so that the licensed police had nothing to complain about at the restaurant.

Source: Allan Mylius Thomsen og http://ab-oersted.dk

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